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What does Bible say about promotion.

Put your trust in God for all your promotion in Life.



The bible verse above is fascinating. It leaves us with a couple of questions. How can a first person suddenly become the last? How can a theist man standing eventually turn to be the first? Who, by the way, determines who becomes first and who turns last? What and what can cause such an eventual re-positioning? These are significantly unreal  questions that the Holy Spirit is set to answer here today.

*What is promotion or growth in life?*

The word promotion is not just for civil and public servants, or for some kind of corporate careers. It is a term that reflects on all aspects of man's progress in life. The bible offers a couple of ways to define the term promotion. Promotion, from the bible perspectives, means to:

- to exalt.

- to increase in prosperity.

- to receive honor and homage.

-to be celebrated, decorated, and or beautified, especially by a supposed enemy.

- to receive remarkable gifts.

- to rule people.

- to become a lord over others.

- to advance in a given course.

- to progress in life.

-to leave a certain condition in life for another better situation.

-to receive positive rewards and acknowledgment for work done.

- to receive sovereignty and power.

*What is the source of this promotion or growth in life?*

It is God beloved It is just God (Psl.75:6-7). He is the one that decides who gets first and goes last (1Sam.2:7). Even Lord Jesus acknowledged this when His disciples sought to know who would sit next to Him, both at His right and at His left. The Heavenly Father decides on promotion for all fresh. God Almighty achieves this by ways and means (principally through human beings) deemed fit by Him, but is consistently saying all through the bible that promotion is the right of His children.

*Do we need to pray for promotion or growth in life?*

Yes, we need to pray seriously for promotion, which is our supposed heritage, because of the spiritual wicked enemies of promotion (Ecl. 10:7) as well as the physical wicked enemies of promotion (Dan 6:11). This is the reality on the ground. Some unknown spiritual forces have kept many princes as slaves. The slaves enjoy the exaltation and dignity befitting of the prince. This is truly an error (Ecl.10:5). On the other hand, some people have vowed to stop their fellows or colleagues from promoting. They hate to someone promoted and can do everything possible (even by setting traps, deploying conspiracy, amongst others) to stop a fellow from being promoted. And, only targeted prayers can discomfort them.

*Yet, prayers for promotion or growth in life can never produce result if three enemies of promotion are present in a person's life.*

1. Disobedience to God. As divine obedience to God's words has a blessing of promotion attached to it (Deut.28:13), so does disobedience to God's word attract demotion and no promotion. May you learn and live to obey God's word in Jesus'name.

2. Pride. This is almost instantly . Every person has pride. However, a man's pride must be killed for promotion to manifest (1Pet.5:6).

3. Satan and his companions. Satan is just all out to fight against the promotion of Believers just because they are Believers or disciples of Christ. I have seen many obedient and humble people denied promotion and taken advantage of by terrible folks. This is a serious matter and must be stopped through prayers. 

Always remember that God says His people must be the head and never the tail. 

May you be a head always, in Jesus'name! Amen. 


1. Heavens of my promotion, open by fire, in the name of Jesus.

2. Blood of Jesus Christ, speak for me and give me my promotion, in the name of Jesus.

3. God's angels of my promotion, arise, prevail against all those opposing my double promotion, in the name of Jesus.

4. Any power in my foundation, challenging my promotion always, die, in the name of Jesus.

5. Through the right hand of God, promote me by fire, in the name of Jesus.

6. O God, arise, give me double promotion, in the name of Jesus.

7. I shall receive my double promotion this coming year, in the name of Jesus. 

Thank you, Jesus. 

Wishing you remarkable growth in your career for all the years to come, in Jesus' name.