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Christmas message for churches in this modern world.

Christians should celebrate Christmas carefully.


So exciting, it's time for CHRISTMAS... 

(Luke 2:11) "FOR UNTO YOU IS BORN this day... A SAVIOR who is CHRIST THE LORD".

More of a beautiful Christmas Tree with golden balls, silver balls, stars...

Beautiful houses well decorated with lightning, golden & silver ribbons...

Tasty Christmas cakes & parties... 

Melodious Christmas songs, Christmas carols & awesome music... 

Colorful greeting cards & Christmas wishes, greeting one another...

Christmas gifts with new surprises... 

Beautiful dresses, awesome makeup, pretty faces along with that handsome SANTA-CLAUS ... 

What a celebration of the year !!! 

What a Winter Festival with discounts !!! 

Pausing for the Christmas season of the year with crackers, lightning & decorations; 

cakes & Carlos & Santas; 

music's & songs; 

greetings & gifts; 

friends, dancing & parties - with happy wishes

"Merry Christmas & a happy new year" 

& Oh... it's been the same every year. 



  • CHRISTMAS➖ CHRIST = MASS(group of people). 

Sometimes, that is why all the people run after Santa-Claus because they do not know anything about Christ

All are waiting for the old man (Santa-Claus). Even the little children wait all night for him because they are taught by their parents that way. Nobody waits for Jesus Christ

Many want to become like Santa-Claus. In the technology world, even girls/women want to act like Santa. And nobody desires to become like Christ but that was the only desire of the Almighty God (the Father) that you & I become like His Son (1John 3:1-2).

The painful part is: Santa-Claus is not even once mentioned in the whole Bible. Bible tells us about the birth of Christ & why Christ was born but nobody knows about Christ, even those who are celebrating Christmas. 

Wonder is - even those who act like Santa-Claus doesn't know about Christ but they all celebrate Christmas as the 'Birthday of Jesus Christ'. 

Most of the time, it seems like Dec.25 is the birthday of Santa-Claus. Everywhere it's his pics - on the greeting cards, posters, shopping malls & even in churches

And so Jesus Christ is standing outside the door of the church. 

Standing & knocking the close door of the church/of our house/of our heart (Rev.3:14,20,22).


  • Because all are busy with Claus (Santa)
  • No time for Christ

All try to show their talents & skills in music & songs & decorations & makeups & dresses but nobody seeks of Christ (Phi.2:21).

They sing hymns, but they don't know HIM

Everything looks beautiful but Christ is MISSING. 

Dear Friend, this is the reality in our Life, NO CHRIST = NO HOPE (Eph.2:12).

In this modern world, It is very dangerous for Christian, if the majority of Christmas has:

  • SANTA-CLAUS - but NO 'CHRIST' (John 19:15).
  • DELICIOUS CAKES - but no 'The BREAD OF LIFE' (John 6:35, 51).
  • Decorated CHRISTMAS TREES - but no 'TREE ie THE CROSS' (Gal.3:13; 6:14). 
  • HANGING STARS - but no 'THE BRIGHT & MORNING STAR' (Rev.22:16). 
  • SONGS, CAROL'S & MUSIC - but no 'MY SONG, MY PRAISE' (Isa.12:2; Jer.17:14). 
  • GREETINGS & WISHES - but no one is greeting JESUS, none is wishing the LORD ON HIS BIRTHDAY (Who was born for You -Luke 2:11). 

All kinds of Christmas Gifts - But no Gifts to Jesus. The Loving God the Father gifted His Only Begotten Son for us - & none thank Him.  

Jesus was born for you so that you might be Born-again. 

Christ chose the Cross so that you can especially adore Christmas. 

One who desires to see the Beauty of the Cross at Calvary only can see the beauty of Christ born at Bethlehem. 

The Lord is the Gift & amazing thing is '" the Giver became the Gift'" - but no one thanks for the Gift & also most of them had forgotten the Giver.

The world is been deceived by Satan making them search & become like Santa. Only fools follow after lying vanities which is not real. 

But it's profitable & wise for all those who seek Christ. Even when Christ was born, it was only the wise men who went in search of Christ "The King" to worship Him (Matt.2:1-2). Not the ordinary nor the fools... 

Hope you make a wise decision this Christmas, in searching for Christ & to seek Jesus until you find Him

John 3:16, NIV:" For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Blessed Christmas to you all my friends 🙏.