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"Noah's ark story, video".

The flood of the world.

According to the Old Bible testament in Genesis 5:29, Noah was the son of Lamech and ninth in descent from Adam.  He had been represented as the patriarch who, because of his blameless piety, was chosen by God to perpetuate the human race after his wicked contemporaries had perished in the Flood. 

Genesis 6:9–9:17
Noah was a righteous man and walked with God. Seeing that the earth was corrupt and filled with violence, God instructed Noah to build an ark in which he, his sons, and their wives, together with male and female of all living creatures, would be saved from the waters.

9-10 This is the story of Noah. He had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Noah had no faults and was the only good man of his time. He lived in fellowship with.

11But everyone else was evil in God's sight and violence had spread everywhere.12 God looked at the world and saw that it was evil for the people were all living evil lives.

13God said to Noah, "I have decided to put an end to all mankind. I will destroy them completely because the world is full of violent deeds.14 Build a boat for yourself out of good timber; make rooms in it and cover it with tar inside and out.

15 Make it 133 meters long,22 meters wide, and  13 meters high.16 Make a roof for the boat and leave a space of 44 centimeters between the roof and the sides.

17 I am going to send a flood on the earth to destroy every living being.Everything on the earth will die.18 But I will make a covenant with your wife your sons and their wives.

19-20Take into the boat with you a male and a female of every kind of animal and every kind of bird, to keep them alive.

21 Take along all kinds of food for you and them.22 Noah did everything that God commanded.