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Why we need to Pray??


Prayer is an individual conversation with our Mighty God, through prayer we can defeat the devil. It is a divine moment that we forget earthly things, submits ourselves to God, and threw away all our problems on the cross of Jesus Christ. prayer is the solution to all our problems because Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has borne our burden.

Almighty Father

creator of Heaven and earth and everything in between,
we humbly come before You with thanksgiving in our hearts,
Thank You, Father, for Your never-ending mercy and Your Great great Love

We lift Your name on high,
above any name that has ever existed,

Our Father and creator,
we ask You to bless,
protect and to pour Your supernatural favor upon us,
our children,
spouses and friends.

God, we ask You today for divine intervention in our lives,
we ask for Your touch in all areas of our
be it a new job,
freedom from debt,
the rebuilding of our relationships with our
spouses and friends.

Father any situation You touch,
we believe it can never remain the same.

Father in heaven,
let Your will be done in our lives as Your decision in our lives is the best and will always be the best

Anoint  us  with the power of Your Holy Spirit

"Jesus, You are my strength, I love You, I Need You, heal me, and heal my family."

Today Lord, thank you for the wonderful day.
For food, for another day of work, and especially for one more day of life.

Lord, bless my friends and enemies because they need You.,

Lord, I ask all these things in the Mighty name of Your only Son, our Savior,
Jesus Christ. AMEN,