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1. Don't worry about your kids not remembering world history. Teach them your family history especially your family medical history. It will surely help them in need.

2. Don't worry about your kids unable to locate continents and capitals on the world map. Teach them the names of roads around your house and landmarks to reach home from any location of your town.

3. Don't worry if your kid does not win medals in sports and does not remember who won world cups. Teach them to exercise and stay fit.

4. Don't bother your kid scoring  100% in mathematics. Teach them to budget their expenses, save for emergencies, and transact money at the shops. Let them know of your income, loans, property details.

5. Don't make your kids memorize and recite hundreds of slokas, etc. Educate them about the meaning of one at a time and how to apply it in daily life.

6. Don't try to push kids into becoming big musicians or dancers and win competitions. Teach them to enjoy and appreciate music, so they know how to relax when they are under stress.

7. Don't compel kids into driving their bicycles or scooters because others are doing so. If they like to take the school bus to spend a relaxed time with friends or public transport, let them do so.

8. Don't worry if your kids don't eat every item you cook. Teach them to make their sandwich. They will relish it more than what you made.

9. Don't push your kids to read and memorize autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru etc. Teach them to write their biography. They will then want to make their life interesting and worth writing about.

10. Don't compel your kids to socialize. Teach them how to make their life interesting with less dependency on others.

11. Teach them the relevance of spirituality of each and help them to become spiritual. Spirituality is the key to keep themselves and also the people around them happy.

Psalm 127 verse 3 Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.

Proverbs 17 verse 6 Old men are proud of their grandchildren, just as boys are proud of their fathers.

Remember, a Parent's only goal for their kids is to keep them HAPPY, You don't need to spend a lot of TIME, ENERGY, SPACE, or MONEY to reach that goal of HAPPINESS. Teach your kid to be HAPPY with the available resources and knowledge about God's love ❤️ through JESUS Christ. Amen.